Get ready

for a memecoin revolution with BabyBern, the 1000th Solana dog coin created by the people, for the people! As the baby token of $BERN, we’re here to kick off the Solana memecoin season with a bang. Join our community-driven movement as we unleash  fun in the world of crypto. Let’s make history together with BONK, BERN and BABYBERN leading the way!

Presale is live!

SEND SOL to babybern.sol 

Min 0.1 and max 10 SOL.  

Kick-Off the meme season

✨Once upon a time✨

in the crypto kingdom, there was a token called $BERN. It was a Solana sensation with a unique twist—it taxed fees on every trade. The crypto enthusiasts couldn’t resist its charm and captivating features.

But in the midst of all the $BERN madness, a mischievous little token emerged—BabyBern! This tiny rebel had a different agenda. BabyBern was here to shake up the memecoin season with its hilarious antics and mischievous charm.

Unlike its parent token $BERN, BabyBern had a mischievous streak but no tax fees. It was all about spreading laughter and joy without any extra charges. The crypto world couldn’t get enough of BabyBern’s playful nature.


As BabyBern made its way through the crypto landscape, it brought giggles, memes, and infectious enthusiasm. Its fun-loving spirit captivated the hearts of crypto enthusiasts, creating a community where laughter thrived.

So come, join the BabyBern brigade! Let’s make the memecoin season unforgettable with laughter, memes, and a touch of mischief. Get ready to dive into a world where fees take a backseat and the fun never stops. 

Together, we’ll show the crypto kingdom that BabyBern is the ultimate champion of laughter and entertainment!

Total Supply

Token Allocation

Presale Spendings


Phase 1

- Presale
- Launch

Phase 2

-CMC and CG
-Marketing push
-Small CEX listings

Phase 3

-X1000 LFG
-100,000,000 HODLERS


We only want active members so shill for your bag MFer.